Common Commercial Electrical Problems

The most common electrical problems in commercial buildings include faulty wiring, overloaded circuit breakers, outdated outlets, and more. These electrical issues can raise a commercial space’s chance of equipment damage and fire risk. 

Are you a business owner looking to learn more about the most common issues with commercial electrical systems so you can keep your space protected and safe? Maybe you want to know what you should be looking out for in your electrical system. 

This article from Access Electric will explain the most frequent issues in commercial electrical systems, as well as their accompanying signs. We will also advise you against the safety risks of an unreliable electrical system. 

To learn more about commercial electrical issues, keep reading. 

Looking Out for Commercial Electrical Issues 

Tripping circuit breakers, flickering lights, and sparking outlets are all warning signs that commercial space has an electrical issue. Business owners should learn the warning signs and symptoms of electrical issues so they can call an electrician and prevent any further damage from happening. 

The quicker you get a professional to fix the problem, the more likely you will avoid any costly damages or safety hazards. 

The Most Frequent Commercial Electrical Problems 

The most common commercial electrical issues are faulty wiring, overloaded circuit breakers, outdated outlets, installation issues, ground loops, and other problems. We will discuss these issues in further detail below. 

Faulty or Outdated Wiring

Wiring that is outdated, damaged, or installed incorrectly poses a significant safety and damage risk to your commercial space. Faulty or outdated wiring may not be able to handle the electrical load necessary in modern commercial spaces and can cause inconsistent voltage levels. 

Wiring issues can also cause unexpected power outages, which can lead to disruption of business operations. This can cause your business losses in efficiency and revenue. 

Circuit Breaker Issues 

Overloaded circuit breakers can power outages and even damage your system’s electrical equipment. An overloaded circuit happens when the demand for electricity exceeds the capacity of the circuit itself. 

If your business is overburdening your circuits, your building's electrical needs have likely outgrown the electrical panel, and you should have a new electrical panel installed

Haphazard Electrical Panels

Disorganized electrical panels with mislabeled parts are a safety hazard and can cause a significant issue for those trying to figure out which circuit is connected to which outlet. Business owners should take great care to make sure all circuits are neatly labeled and organized in their panels. 

Poorly Installed Appliances

Appliances that don’t connect to an outlet, such as ceiling fans or dishwashers, should only be installed by a professional, or you can run the risk of damaging your system through installation errors. 

A professional commercial electrician will have the right training to make sure that your appliance is installed safely, correctly, and up to the proper code for your area.  

Outdated Outlets

Older outlets that have not been properly grounded are a significant risk to commercial buildings. It’s important that your commercial building has three-pronged outlets instead of two and that the correct GFI (Ground Fault Interruption) outlets have been placed in the right locations.  

Additionally, you should ensure your building has enough outlets for your needs. Avoid using power strips as a fix for your lack of outlets, as these are only meant to be used temporarily and can pose a fire risk. 

Ground Loops

Ground loops are a common problem that can cause malfunctions in electronic equipment, and they happen when there isn’t consistent grounding in the system. 

Ground loops happen when there are various paths for electric currents to flow between the ground points of different electrical devices or components. While they are not directly dangerous, they can cause issues with equipment and possible damage. 

Connection Protection Issues

Loose or unprotected connections pose risks to the safety and functionality of the electrical system. Poor installation practices, thermal cycling, corrosion, and mechanical stress are all things that can cause electrical connections to become loose. 

Loose connections can also contribute to electrical arcing. Arcing happens when an electrical current goes through the air, which produces sparks and heat and a significant fire risk.

Commercial Electrical Problem Safety Risks

If you discover a problem with your commercial electrical system, it’s important to get it taken care of immediately to prevent any further damage or safety risks such as electrical fires. 

Having your commercial electrical system regularly inspected can help mitigate safety risks. Business owners should keep their electrical systems well-maintained and regularly schedule inspections on their equipment. 

Hiring a Professional Commercial Electrician 

Hiring a professional commercial electrician gives you the advantage of a properly installed, up-to-code, and efficient commercial electrical system. For the safety of your system and those in your building, you should only hire trusted professional electricians for electrical work. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are the signs of faulty wiring in a commercial building?

Some signs of faulty wiring in commercial buildings include flickering and dimming lights, sparking outlets, and fuses that frequently break. Faulty wiring is a safety and damage hazard, so business owners should call an electrician when they notice it. 

How can businesses prevent overloaded circuits in their building? 

Businesses can prevent overloaded circuits by understanding how much power they use and what their electrical panel is capable of, inspecting their wiring regularly, and inspiring another electrical panel with more circuits if they are in need of more electrical power.