What is a Microgrid?

Microgrids represent an evolution in energy generation and storage, offering an alternative to traditional local energy grids. These systems operate independently, delivering reliability, reduced electricity costs, and increased autonomy. They provide a small-scale power generation system utilizing multiple energy sources to supply a specific location or facility with power. Our microgrids are designed to be self-sufficient and self-sustaining, offering businesses the flexibility to disconnect from the traditional network if needed.

Traditional grids face numerous challenges, including susceptibility to disruptions caused by severe weather, infrastructure defects, cyber-attacks, and natural disasters like wildfires. These issues lead to widespread outages, impacting hundreds or even thousands of consumers. The cost of updating these systems presents a considerable challenge, potentially prolonging these difficulties for years.

Challenges with Traditional Grids
How do Microgrids Work?

Our microgrids are designed to seamlessly integrate multiple energy sources such as turbines, solar panels, batteries, generators, and electric vehicles. By optimizing the collection, storage, and utilization of these resources, we create customized systems tailored to specific locations and needs. Microgrids operate independently but can connect to the traditional grid if necessary, offering a more reliable means of energy production.

Businesses partnering with Access Electric benefit from reduced or eliminated energy bills, ensuring continuous operations even during grid outages. Microgrids offer a reliable backup power source, mitigating the impact of unforeseen downtime and associated costs. Additionally, our advanced microgrid structures facilitate a more eco-friendly approach by leveraging renewable energy sources, contributing to a decreased carbon footprint.

Using Access Electric for Microgrid Services
Who Can Benefit from Microgrids?

Microgrids cater to various facilities, from single buildings to entire cities, encompassing sectors such as smart city initiatives, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, colleges, and military installations. The increasing affordability and effectiveness of microgrids are prompting businesses to transition for their cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Partner with Access Electric for Microgrid Services in California, and embrace a future powered by resilient, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions. As microgrid technology advances, its potential for businesses and communities continues to expand, paving the way for a more robust and reliable energy landscape

Advantages of Partnering with Access Electric

At Access Electric, we are committed to delivering comprehensive Microgrid solutions that redefine energy resilience and independence for businesses in California. Our dedication lies in ensuring that every Microgrid installation surpasses traditional grid limitations, offering unmatched reliability and cost-efficiency to our clients.

Expertise in Microgrid Implementation

Our seasoned team possesses extensive knowledge and experience in microgrid design and deployment. We bring a wealth of expertise to every project, ensuring precise implementation aligned with your specific energy needs and requirements.

Leading Technological Solutions

At Access Electric, we leverage cutting-edge technology to engineer and install advanced microgrid systems. Our solutions not only meet but exceed industry standards, integrating the latest innovations for enhanced efficiency and reliability. Access Electric Recognizing the uniqueness of each project, our experts craft bespoke microgrid designs tailored to your facility's demands. We focus not just on meeting basic needs but optimizing the system to elevate performance and resilience.

Dedication to Sustainable Energy

We are deeply committed to sustainable energy practices. Our microgrid solutions not only provide reliability but also contribute to a greener future by emphasizing renewable energy sources and eco-conscious strategies

How it works

Here at Access Electric, we work closely with General Contractors as well as directly with business owners in the Design-Build process. This process begins with collaborative discussions that include all of the parties involved in order to determine the exact needs, performance requirements, and goals of the project before anything is ever designed.

Next, the original project design is created. This is then refined, modified, and modified again as necessary at weekly or monthly design meetings, based on the owner’s input or as new needs arise during the project’s development.

When all parties are satisfied with the resulting design, the design drawings are then produced. These drawings can be used for obtaining permits as well as for jobsite construction.

It is our belief that communication and collaboration are the foundation of any successful design-build project. For this reason, any and all changes that are made to a design will be discussed throughout the project with everyone involved.

Once the job is completed, if there have been any changes or alterations to the design, the “Drawings of Record” are produced. These are then provided to the owner as a complete record of what was done on the job. This includes all changes that were made to the design throughout the design process.

We believe that the Design-Build method gives us the best opportunity to collaborate with owners and contractors in a close, integrated relationship; and that as a result, we are able to better fulfill our customers’ needs by providing a superior final product.

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