Design Build

Design-Build holds many advantages over traditional methods – for owner, designer, and contractor:   Reduced Risk – Because of the single-entity structure of a Design-Build contract, there is a clear designation of responsibility up front. The owner no longer risks being caught in a liability gap between the designer and contractor when a problem arises, because the problem is collectively solved by the design-build team.

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Doctor's Offices

Providing commercial electrical installations for Doctors offices and patient care areas involves more than just wiring up electrical outlets. Special care must be taken to comply with Article 517 of the National Electrical Code. Compliance with provisions of 517 reduce the hazards of electromagnetic radiation, and minimize the hazards of voltage potential between patients and medical equipment. All this must be done, while also considering how to keep vital systems from having electrical interruptions during outages.

Planning your next Doctors office expansion or remodel? Contact us today and we would be happy to design build your future patient care facility.


When choosing a commercial electrical contractor for work in a hospital or clinic environment, you want to choose a company that is knowledgeable in the requirements of OSHPD3. These are the special seismic regulations that were put into place in California after the Sylmar earthquake in 1971. These regulations have continued to be updated and improved over the years and are a key element in making hospitals safe during an earthquake.

While it is true that earthquakes are unpredictable and can cause massive damage to structures and facilities, the correct implementation of OSHPD3 requirements can help to reduce potential damage and, more importantly, save lives.

Access Electric has the technical know-how and ability to, not only, work in compliance with OSHPD3 requirments, but also design-build these projects from the ground up.


Providing commercial electrical installation services to medical facilities and laboratories requires more than just wiring devices to an electrical circuit. It requires understanding how to consider the problems associated with electrical reliability, electrical interference, and providing for redundancy in electrical systems. These issues and more are of great concern in a medical or pharmaceutical laboratory. Access Electric can assist you in designing and installing safe and reliable electrical systems in your laboratory environment. Call today!


Reduced Risk

Over the last 2 decades Access Electric has had the opportunity to help construct numerous Pharmacies in the Central California area. From Walgreens, to CVS store (formerly Longs).

Box Stores

We provide superior commercial electrical services for all manner of concrete tilt up, big-box stores throughout the Central and Northern California area. Past projects Include:

  • Home Depot
  • Joanne’s Fabrics
  • Ross Dress for Less
  • Staples
  • Office Maxx
  • Bass Pro Shops

These projects are fast paced and demanding with very tight construction schedules. From breaking ground to opening day, there is an urgency to getting these projects completed on time.

Access Electric is dedicated and committed to completing these projects in an efficient and timely manner. We pride ourselves on meeting or exceeding deadline, and performance expectations. Give us a call, or email, to discuss your next project.

Lighting Retrofit

Access Electric offers lighting design services for a variety of commercial spaces, from warehouses and manufacturing facilities, to retail spaces, parking lots, and doctor’s offices. We have worked with numerous companies in the Central California area, including Lamar Tool and Die Casting Inc., Gallo Warehouse Additions, In-Shape City, Orangeburg Medical, Yosemite Meat Co., and many others.

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