Infrared Thermography

A Thermography image of an electrical panel and signs of heating on a lug.

Even the best electrical equipment may fail from time to time, which is why regular tests and check-ups are critical to ensure the safety of your industrial equipment. At Access Electric, we use infrared thermography – an innovative, non-intrusive technology that allows our technicians to capture thermal images and assess the equipment’s performance without making physical contact with live, energized electrical equipment. Not only is infrared technology an extremely effective means of identifying any electrical problems, but it also minimizes the risk of fire, arc flash and arc blasts, and unexpected outages caused by sudden electrical equipment failure.

Infrared Thermography Camera

The proactive approach is often best when it comes to electrical systems in the industrial environment. The infrared thermography method allows us to detect any potential problems before they have become visible to the naked eye or disruptive to your manufacturing processes. The cutting-edge Fluke Infrared cameras we use are able to detect minute changes in temperature across devices and can identify any loose conductors or overloaded circuits before they have reached the point of failure. This helps minimize your risk, protect your employees’ safety and well-being, and reduces the need for costly repairs.

We recommend having an infrared thermography check done annually to ensure all of your industrial electrical systems are in top-notch condition and to minimize the risk of power outages or system failure. Having your equipment scanned can save you both time and money, reduce costly downtime, and improve the electrical and mechanical efficiency of your system.

Because we value your time, our practice is to perform these scans during your scheduled off-production days. Get in touch to schedule your Infrared Thermography scan and ensure your industrial electrical system maintains its highest performance.

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