Identify Unmarked Leads in a 9 Lead WYE Connected Motor

If you have ever tried to wire up a motor only to find that the motor winding leads in the motor have lost their identification number markings, you know how frustrating that can be. In this...

Basic Motor Controls: 3-wire Start Stop (Part 1)

Basic Motor Controls: 3-wire Start Stop (Part 1) In this video instruction we will show you how to wire up a 3 wire Start Stop …

Basic Motor Controls: 3-wire Start Stop with multiple Start Stop Buttons (Part 2)

In the last video on Basic Motor Controls we showed you exactly how a 3 wire start stop circuit is wired and how it works. Today we go over the same kind of circuit but add multiple start ...

Troubleshooting a Motor Starter

In this video we will troubleshoot a pump panel motor starter and find out why the starter will not close, or why the motor will not start. Follow along as we test this circuit in a safe manner to det

Basic Motor Control: Jogging Circuit

When it comes to motor controls, jogging is a method that uses short bursts of power in order to move a motor or a load into a needed or desired position. NEMA defines jogging as ...

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